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The left is teaching Americans to be ashamed of the flag. They highlight America's faults and discount America's accomplishments. Stand up against the false left wing narrative and sign the pledge to fly the flag and take pride in our country.

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The left is spreading propaganda that claims Israel is an oppressive aggressor. Stand for the truth and stand behind our greatest ally in the Middle East. Sign this petition to show your support for Israel and speak out about the Left's lies.

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Science is being commandeered by the left. Special interests are increasingly manipulating scientists to reach predetermined conclusions that support their political agendas. Sign this petition to demand that science remain free from ideological bias!

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TikTok has permanently banned PragerU! The tech giant removed PragerU's account without warning for "multiple violations" of its community guidelines—giving us no way to appeal the decision. This is blatant censorship. TikTok does not want young people, especially Gen Z, exposed to conservative ideas. Help us fight Big Tech censorship! Please sign and share this petition.

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Women and girls deserve a fair playing field to benefit from the opportunities sports offer. If you don't think it's fair for biological men, who identify as women, to compete and win in women's sports, please sign and share this petition. Stand up for the rights of female athletes and protect fairness in women's sports!

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The bias in America’s education system is deeply concerning. If critical race theory, the 1619 Project, the ideas of Howard Zinn and Karl Marx, and the like, are being taught in schools, we demand that students are presented with balanced information and empowered to draw their own conclusions.

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