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NewsGuard: The political elite's tool for censorship

NewsGuard is a self-appointed internet authority that claims to vet the credibility of websites—including PragerU. In reality, NewsGuard is a biased media firm led by political elites, that pressures tech companies to censor information they don't like. Should NewsGuard have all the power to determine which information the public should get access to?

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How NewsGuard Rates PragerU

How has NewsGuard’s rating system damaged PragerU? Just as one example, JW Player, a platform that hosted PragerU videos, terminated our contract due to NewsGuard’s rating of PragerU as “not credible.”

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Read Our Email Exchange with NewsGuard

"I am writing today to bring your attention to an urgent matter that I assume is a mistake by NewsGuard. Sadly, this mistake is damaging PragerU's reputation and costing our nonprofit millions of dollars."

— Marissa Streit, PragerU CEO

"The chain of emails we've exchanged with you and your team has exposed your organization for what it is – an online media bully run by wealthy left-wing activists pushing their agenda."

— Marissa Streit, PragerU CEO

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