Petitions & Pledges

Petitions & Pledges

PragerUInSchools Announcement Thumbnail Web

We have a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT that could change education in America! This fall in schools across the country, students will be watching PragerU videos in their classrooms as states officially make PragerU an approved educational resource. Watch the announcement from PragerU’s CEO and sign the petition to allow PragerU in schools across America.

ProtectKidsFromTransgenderIdeology PledgePage WebGrid

Children as young as kindergarten are being exposed to radical ideas about gender. Some medical professionals insist that “gender-affirming care” is the only acceptable treatment. Parents are under attack for not affirming a child’s transgender identity. This insanity must stop. Sign the petition to protect minors from harmful transgender ideology.

UnwokeInc LandingPage Hero 1

Corporate wokeism is plaguing America. From iconic beer companies and massive corporations to sports, media, entertainment, and culture, wokeness has infected nearly every institution in society. But there are ways to push back and win. Take the pledge to fight corporate wokeism and support pro-American, unwoke alternatives.

10Commandments HorizontalGridImage

Regardless of faith or religion, society needs moral guidelines. In order for America to prosper, we must restore Judeo-Christian values and honor the Ten Commandments. Take the pledge to teach, honor, and live by the Ten Commandments.

SaveWomensSports LinkPreview Thumb

Women and girls deserve a fair playing field. If you think it's unfair for biological men, who identify as women, to compete and win in women's sports, please sign and share this petition. Stand up for the rights of female athletes and protect fairness in women's sports!

Preserve Children-s Innocence WebGrid-2

PragerU is committed to fighting evil in all its forms, including the exploitation and sexualization of children. We invite you to join us in taking a pledge to educate, to share, to get involved, and to protect our children. Take the pledge to protect children's innocence.