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Early Learners

Shows, books, and activity pages recommended for Kindergarten - 2nd grade.

Elementary Learners

Shows and magazines about great historical and present-day figures, recommended for elementary readers.

Middle & High School

Shows and magazines recommend for curious young minds.

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Family Friendly

The Book Club

5-Minute Videos for the Whole Family

For the Whole Family

10 Videos

Making America

5 Videos

New Releases for Teens

12 Videos

History Makers

18 Videos

Why You Should Be Proud to Be American

20 Videos
PragerU Playlist: How to Be a Great Parent  - 1:1 thumbnail

How to Be a Great Parent

14 Videos
PragerU Playlist: Mythbusting History - 1:1 thumbnail

Mythbusting History

18 Videos

Best of 5-Minute Videos

20 Videos

Things You Won't Learn in School

21 Videos

PragerU Commencement Speeches

9 Videos

Ideas for a Better You

16 Videos

Life Studies

15 Videos
PragerU Playlist: The Ten Commandments - 1:1 thumbnail

The Ten Commandments

11 Videos