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Featured Shows

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5-Minute Videos

The best ideas from the best minds distilled into five focused minutes.
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Stories of Us

People from all walks of life share personal stories and their love for American values.
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Fireside Chats

Dennis’s weekly thoughts and timeless wisdom by a crackling fire.
Real Talk Vertical show cover

Real Talk

Viewers are invited into the office of PragerU CEO Marissa Streit for candid discussions with today's business and thought leaders about education, business, and culture.
TheWrapUp HomepageCover B Web

The Wrap Up

CJ Pearson recaps the biggest news of the week you might have missed and definitely need to know.
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Man on the Street

Entertaining interviews with today's youth about life, history, and politics.
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Commentary on news, culture, and politics with leftist turned freethinker Amala Ekpunobi.
LightInTheDarkness SeriesShowPoster

Light in the Darkness

The remarkable journey of Tim Ballard’s fight against human trafficking in his own words.
Presidents Series - Vertical Show Cover Vertical Show Cover 1336x1920

American Presidents

Meet the men who shaped American history.
BookClub ShowPoster

The Book Club

Michael Knowles and special guests discuss great literature that has shaped Western Civilization.
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Short Documentaries

Tackling the biggest issues of the day in search of truth and clarity.
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How To

Life skills and character development for tweens and teens.
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TBH History

Honest recaps and hilarious skits for middle and high school kids about important moments in history.
AmiOnTheLoose ShowPoster WEB

Ami on the Loose

Documentary filmmaker Ami Horowitz travels the world asking questions to help people consider an alternative perspective.

The Candace Owens Show

The extremely popular and outspoken Candace Owens interviews fascinating guests on a variety of topics.
Interviews Series VerticalShowPoster


Interviews with fascinating guests and behind-the-scenes footage from PragerU.


Featuring the stories of Latinos across the country who embody the American dream.
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Office Hours

Interviews with presenters about their 5-Minute Videos hosted by Georgia Howe from The Daily Wire.
Web Show Covers March 2020-27

Donor Updates

A behind-the-scenes look into what’s new at PragerU with CEO Marissa Streit.

Featured Kids Shows

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Financial Literacy: Cash Course

Fast and fun financial literacy for youth to young adults.
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Around the World

Global issues that teach middle and high school kids what makes America unique.
PREP KidsSeries VerticalShowCovera New howto

How To

Life skills and character development for tweens and teens.
TBH Vertical Show Cover Grade Range Gold

TBH History

Honest recaps and hilarious skits for middle and high school kids about important moments in history.
StreetSmarts Vertical-show-cover

Street Smarts

U.S. civics and history lessons in a fun quiz show that will have your kids laughing while they learn.
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Guess or Mess

A wild and crazy game show for elementary kids about important figures who represent American values.
Leo Layla Vertical Show Cover Grade Range Gold 2023

Leo & Layla's History Adventures

Meet historical figures that shaped the world in this time-traveling cartoon for elementary kids.
OT Vertical Show Cover Grade Range Gold

Otto's Tales

A sweet storytime show that celebrates American values.
Craftory Vertical Show Cover Grade Range Gold


American history made fun for young kids with easy, family-friendly, DIY crafts.
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We are proud to provide high-quality, educationally-sound content for New Hampshire students to earn credit toward graduation through the state’s Learn Everywhere program. Watch as PragerU CEO Marissa Streit discusses PragerU and Learn Everywhere with Frank Edelblut, New Hampshire Commissioner of Education.

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Donate $100 or more today and receive an autographed copy of Will Witt's new book! You may know Will from our popular Man on the Street videos, which have collectively garnered hundreds of millions of views. Your gift of $100 or more will help us keep our content free and accessible and reach millions more young people. You will also receive a hardcover, autographed copy of Will Witt’s book Do Not Comply: Taking Power Back from America's Corrupt Elite.

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Join us on Saturday, November 11th, in our home base of Los Angeles for a celebration of our efforts this year. This special event will feature Dennis Prager, Victor Davis Hanson, and members of the PragerU team as they discuss current threats and pose solutions to save America.


Featured Playlists


Gender: Why All the Confusion?

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Why Capitalism Beats Socialism...Every Time


Climate Change and Energy


Light in the Darkness

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Mythbusting History

PragerU Playlist: Is America Racist? - 1:1 thumbnail

Is America Racist?

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New to PragerU? Start Here

PragerU Playlist: Restricted by YouTube - 1:1 thumbnail

Restricted by YouTube

PragerU Playlist: Why Socialism Never Works - 1:1 thumbnail

Why Socialism Never Works

PragerU Playlist: Left and Right Differences - 1:1 thumbnail

Left and Right Differences

PragerU Playlist: Does Free Speech Offend You? - 1:1 thumbnail

Does Free Speech Offend You?


Best of Will Witt

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