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PragerU in the News

Major media outlets can’t stop talking about PragerU. From mainstream news features to appearances on your favorite shows and podcasts, see what everyone is saying about us.

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VICE News: Right Wing Stars

VICE News visits PragerU to cover the impact we’re having on the next generation.

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Dr. Phil: Appropriation Nation

Amala debates whether cultural appropriation outrage has gone too far on Dr. Phil.

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FOX 11 News: PragerU Feature

FOX 11 visits PragerU after it was named one of the top 100 “Best Places to Work in LA”

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Fox News: “Family Friendly” Drag Shows

Aldo reacts to the Los Angeles Zoo’s all-ages drag show.

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VICE Debates: The U.S. Education System

CJ debates some of the most controversial topics facing K-12 schools today.

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Jubilee: Trans vs. Conservative Women

Amala debates how the transgender movement is negatively impacting women.