Protect Kids from Transgender Ideology Petition

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Protect Kids from Transgender Ideology

Children as young as kindergarten are being exposed to radical ideas about gender in schools, media, and entertainment. Mental health and medical professionals insist that “gender-affirming care” is the only acceptable treatment. Parents who object are labeled bigots or even child abusers for not affirming a child’s transgender identity. This insanity must stop. Sign the petition to protect minors from harmful transgender ideology.

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LGBTQ+ Indoctrination in Classrooms

Children’s books and lessons about gender identity, gender fluidity, and transgenderism are being introduced in the classroom. Young children are being encouraged to question whether they were born in the wrong body. Exposing kids to these inappropriate and confusing ideas—such as telling them they can choose to be a boy, a girl, or neither—is resulting in disastrous consequences.

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Parents Are under Attack

Some courts and legislatures want to strip parents of their rights if they don’t affirm a child’s transgender identity. Parents could be labeled child abusers and potentially lose custody of their own children at the hands of the state. We are now being told that if transgender kids are not affirmed, put on puberty blockers, and given hormone treatments, they may become suicidal and could take their own lives. Faced with this unthinkable possibility, well-meaning parents seek “gender-affirming care” because they simply don’t know what else to do.

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The Dangers of Gender-Affirming Care

Pharmaceutical companies and medical professionals are making a fortune off of people who undergo gender transition. From hormone treatments to life-altering surgeries, transgender individuals become lifelong medical patients. Gender clinics that serve children and teenagers are popping up all over the country. Who is benefiting from this extreme medical intervention on minors? It’s not the children.

As parents, adults, and concerned American citizens, it’s our job to speak up, fight back, and protect children.

Sign the petition to protect kids from harmful transgender ideology.

Tell the media, the education system, and the medical establishment to stop pushing radical ideas about gender onto our impressionable, young children.