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American Presidents


The Middle East Conflict


Gender: Why All the Confusion?


All About Immigration

PragerU Playlist: Does Free Speech Offend You? - 1:1 thumbnail

Does Free Speech Offend You?


Light in the Darkness

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New to PragerU? Start Here


Climate Change and Energy


Free Enterprise Will Set You Free Sponsored by the Robert W. Plaster Foundation

PragerU Playlist: Mythbusting History - 1:1 thumbnail

Mythbusting History

PragerU Playlist: Is America Racist? - 1:1 thumbnail

Is America Racist?

PragerU Playlist: Why Socialism Never Works - 1:1 thumbnail

Why Socialism Never Works

OT Vertical Show Cover Grade Range Gold

Otto's Tales

A sweet storytime show that celebrates American values.
Guess or mess link preview hero image vertical show cover veritical hero image B-03-03

Guess or Mess

A wild and crazy game show for elementary kids about important figures who represent American values.
CashCourse HomepageShowArt Label

Financial Literacy: Cash Course

Fast and fun financial literacy for youth to young adults.
ATW Vertical Show Cover No Fade

Around the World

Global issues that teach middle and high school kids what makes America unique.
PREP KidsSeries VerticalShowCovera New howto

How To

Life skills and character development for tweens and teens.
Leo Layla Vertical Show Cover Grade Range Gold 2023

Leo & Layla's History Adventures

Meet historical figures that shaped the world in this time-traveling cartoon for elementary kids.
TBH Vertical Show Cover Grade Range Gold

TBH History

Honest recaps and hilarious skits for middle and high school kids about important moments in history.
StreetSmarts Vertical-show-cover

Street Smarts

U.S. civics and history lessons in a fun quiz show that will have your kids laughing while they learn.
Craftory Vertical Show Cover Grade Range Gold


American history made fun for young kids with easy, family-friendly, DIY crafts.

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