The Political Motivations to Deny the Bible’s Historical Accuracy

Did you know that many international institutions are claiming that King David—the Biblical king of Israel—is a myth? Ze’ev Orenstein is a Director at City of David Foundation in Jerusalem. He sits with PragerU CEO Marissa Streit to give historical evidence that King David—along with other figures in the Bible—actually did exist. He also discusses who is behind the tremendous efforts to revise this history.

00:00 - Welcome to Real Talk

01:16 - Did King David Exist?

03:50 - Newly Uncovered Evidence

06:27 - UNESCO Condemnation of Israeli Excavations

09:50 - The City of David: An Inconvenient Truth

11:30 - Revisiting 1930: The Supreme Muslim Council Embraced Jewish Heritage in Jerusalem

14:30 - Revisiting 1867: Captain Charles Warren

17:33 - Sacred Jerusalem: Wailing Wall, City of David

20:14 - America's Biblical Connections to the City of David

21:47 - Did Jesus Walk on the Pilgrimage Road?

25:45 - Excavation Obstacles

30:00 - Archaeology Evidence

35:00 - The Fight to Defend Israel's Heritage

35:50 - The 3,000-Year-Old Roman Victory Coin

37:30 - Protecting Jerusalem and America

39:22 - Final Thoughts

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