Understanding the Complexity of Israel at 75

Why is a small country the size of New Jersey so admired and hated? What is it about Israel, a 75-year-old democracy nestled in the Middle East, shared by many religions and ethnicities, that continues to draw everyone’s attention? Michael Oren, the former Israeli Ambassador to the United States, sits with PragerU CEO Marissa Streit to share his vision for how Israel can survive and thrive despite its current challenges.

00:00 - Welcome to Real Talk

00:48 - The Moment That Ignited Marissa's Courage

02:57 - Where Ambassador Michael Oren Gets His Conviction

08:06 - The Iran Nuclear Deal Negotiations

09:45 - The Dangers of Nuclear Escalation in the Middle East

12:44 - The Threat of Guided Missiles

14:26 - The Story behind the Iron Dome

18:22 - Israel Is Not a Victim State

20:36 - Population Challenges in Israel

22:27 - Sovereignty and Lawlessness in Israel and the U.S.

27:06 - Diversity and Co-Existence in Israel

38:35 - The Perils of Cultural Illiteracy

42:36 - What's Driving Innovation in Israel?

46:58 - Is the Judicial Reform Conflict as Severe as the Media Suggest?

55:45 - Why Are Citizens Protesting Judicial Reform?

59:20 - The Biggest Lesson Michael Oren Learned about Israeli Politics

01:00:42 - Is China Israel's Blind Spot?

01:07:09 - Final Thoughts from Ambassador Michael Oren

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