How to Stay Safe in an Unsafe World with Bryce Eddy

Violent crime is on the rise in cities across America, as heated debates continue over gun control and the role of police. Security expert Bryce Eddy from Covered 6, a vocational training school for military veterans, joins PragerU CEO Marissa Streit to discuss how to stay safe in these turbulent times. Don’t miss this Real Talk on guns, law enforcement, and why self-reliance is vital.

00:00 - Welcome to Real Talk

02:26 - Who is Bryce Eddy?

05:00 - The Problem with Gun Control

07:30 - Current Gun Laws

09:55 - The Flaws of Red Flag Laws

15:00 - A Look at Lawful Gun Owners

18:55 - What are Real Solutions for School Safety?

24:35 - Uvalde Police Response Missteps

28:55 - The Role of Qualified Immunity

31:48 - Public-Private Security Partnerships

34:45 - Practical Solutions for Staying Safe

40:20 - Promoting Firearm Safety

41:40 - Final Thoughts

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