How Progressive Prosecutors Destroy Minority Communities

Why is crime in America on the rise? Are Americans becoming more violent or are bad criminal justice policies to blame? Rafael Mangual—a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute—has been researching criminal justice reform, decarceration, and depolicing over the last decade. He speaks with PragerU CEO Marissa Streit to offer sobering insights and pragmatic solutions.

00:00 - Welcome to Real Talk

00:29 - Why Is Crime on the Rise in America?

01:32 - Bill Maher on Criminal Justice Reform

06:12 - When Cops Are Demonized Only Bad People Become Cops

13:37 - Black and Latino Crime

21:44 - Does the Criminal Justice System Need a Decarceration Shift?

23:52 - Who Are Progressive Prosecutors and Why Are They Electing Democrats?

31:24 - Are We Sending Too Many People to Prison?

39:14 - Why Cashless Bail Leads to More Crime

47:26 - Are Criminal Parents Affecting Their Kids?

49:45 - A Culture of Violence Escalates Crime

56:14 - The Role of Social Media in Criminal Activity

01:03:46 - What Can Americans Do to See a Change?

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