An Unfiltered Point of View from an Oxford Graduate & Indie Rapper

As a rapper, author, actor, podcast host, and entrepreneur, Zuby really is a 21st century renaissance man. His pro-American viewpoints and outspoken personality make him a constant target for the woke mob. Zuby sits with PragerU CEO Marissa Streit to discuss free speech, raising boys to become strong men, race relations, the culture war inside the entertainment industry, and much more.

00:00 - Welcome to Real Talk

00:35 - Who Is Zuby?

01:45 - Speaking for Truth

07:05 - What Was Zuby's Red Pill Moment?

08:10 - Breaking the British Women's Deadlift Record

10:45 - Why Men Should Not Be Competing in Women's Sports

12:00 - Attacks against Traditional Feminists

13:30 - Conflicting Leftist Views

18:53 - The War on Masculinity

27:45 - Physical and Mental Wars

31:25 - Where Does Zuby's Strength Come From?

35:40 - Remaining Optimistic

38:35 - Gauging Society by What Is Tolerated

44:00 - Influence and Criticism of Rap Music

52:36 - Rap as an Outlet for Aggression

56:15 - Producer and Consumer Responsibilities

58:20 - Kids Need Boundaries

59:50 - Thriving as an Indie Artist

01:04:18 - The Silent Majority in Entertainment

01:07:50 - Final Thoughts

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