From Big Tech to Saving America's Education: A Conversation with Joe Lonsdale

American entrepreneur and investor Joe Lonsdale has been immensely successful in the technology sector for nearly 20 years. Now he is starting a new university in Austin which aims to compete with the Ivy League, bring back civil discourse, and teach the value of Western Civilization. Joe sits down with PragerU CEO Marissa Streit to discuss why he left California, his mission to save American education, and why he only hires contrarian thinkers.

00:00 - Welcome to Real Talk

00:40 - What is Palantir?

04:40 - The Vocal Minority of Silicon Valley

06:10 - Why Are People Fleeing California?

09:00 - Austin Politics

10:55 - What Is Joe Lonsdale's Mission?

12:50 - Launching The University of Austin

17:08 - Promoting Civil Discourse in Classrooms

19:30 - University Accreditation: Is It Worth It?

21:00 - What Is Joe's Investment Advice?

25:10 - The Art of Informed Venture Capital Investments

26:35 - Final Thoughts

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