Fly The Flag With PragerU

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Fly the flag with PragerU

Dear PragerU Patriots,

Independence Day is almost here. Time to get out Old Glory and wave it with pride. We need YOU to fly the flag with us this 4th of July!

Something as simple and non-controversial as flying the American flag has become politicized and even vilified by the “woke” left. Our beloved American flag is a symbol of freedom, unity, and the values that unite us all.

Sadly, those who wish to radically re-make America falsely claim that the flag embodies oppression and racism.  

The left wants the American flag to become a symbol of shame—we won’t let this happen!

FIGHT BACK! Join PragerU’s Fly the Flag Campaign!

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Share this American flag image on your social media today.

It’s easy and only takes a few minutes. Join our Fly the Flag Campaign with these simple steps:

  1. Download and share this image on social media on or before July 4th. Be sure to include #FlyTheFlag and #ProudAmerican and tag @PragerU.

2. Sign the Pledge to Fly the Flag and tell the world how grateful you are to be an American.

Together, we can flood social media with one loud, proud, freedom-loving message this Independence Day. With your help, PragerU’s Fly the Flag Campaign will bring together millions of patriotic voices to honor the greatest, freest, most generous country on Earth. 

The left can try to shame us for our patriotism. But don’t let them win! Imagine millions of American flags blasted all over social media this 4th of July. Together, we can do it! Join us. 

Happy Independence Day! 
Your PragerU Team