American Flag Pledge

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Sign the Pledge to Fly the American Flag!

Americans are taught by our education system, the media, and popular culture to be ashamed of America—and for being Americans. Something as simple and non-controversial as flying the American flag on the 4th of July (or all year long) has become politicized and even vilified by the left.

Our nation’s virtues are discounted while its faults are constantly highlighted and its tremendous progress ignored. Young people instead learn that America is a land of oppression, racism, sexism, and inequality. The left’s narrative of America seeks not to uplift and unify but to degrade and separate us.

The result is a divided nation. Our beloved American flag is our symbol of unity and American values are what unite us.

If the left has its way, Old Glory will not inspire pride and unity but shame and disgust. If you are sick and tired of the left defiling our beloved American flag—sign this pledge! And send it to as many people as possible!

I Pledge to Fly the American Flag!

As a #ProudAmerican, I pledge to #FlyTheFlag and #CelebrateAmerica, and post it on social media and everywhere I can, especially on Independence Day.

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