Dave Rubin Reports on His Trip to Twitter HQ (& His Obsession with Florida)

Comedian, host, and author Dave Rubin was a self-described “classical liberal” who famously “left the left” in 2017 when he realized the ideology is flawed and they are the intolerant ones. Since then, Dave has been on a mission to save American values. He sits with PragerU CEO Marissa Streit to discuss his journey, his conversations with Elon Musk inside Twitter HQ, and how he believes conservatives can win the culture war.

00:00 - Welcome to Real Talk

31:00 - Who Is Dave Rubin?

05:43 - Dave's Red-Pill Moment

09:38 - Leaving Leftism

12:50 - Background of "Why I Left the Left" 5-Minute Video

16:44 - Embracing Diversity of Thought

20:45 - Touring with Jordan Peterson

22:10 - No Regrets but There Was Stress

23:48 - Meeting Elon Musk at Twitter

26:55 - Exposing Twitter's Censorship

29:20 - San Francisco Is Decaying

31:24 - Are People Waking up to Leftism?

35:45 - Why PragerU Stays in California

43:00 - Dave's Obsession with Florida

45:23 - What Dave's Been up to (From Kids to Rumble)

50:20 - Dave's Thoughts on Conservative Media

57:02 - Being an Independent Creator or Part of a Network

59:20 - Final Thoughts

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