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At PragerU, we love our moms. This Mother’s Day, join us in celebrating the moms in our lives and everything they do for us.
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Otto's Tales Book:

Today Is Mother's Day

Teach young children the importance of honoring our mothers with PragerU Kids' storybook Otto’s Tales: Today Is Mother’s Day! Order books for your own family, donate copies to schools and libraries, and help us pass down American values, holidays, and traditions to the next generation.

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Otto's Tales Storytime:

Today Is Mother's Day

Teach young children the importance of honoring mothers working inside and outside of the home with this sweet and wholesome storytime video. Your kiddos will love traveling through time with Otto the bulldog and his best friend Dennis to learn about important mothers in history and how honoring our own mothers is one of life's greatest gifts.

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How To Embrace Your Femininity

With so many pressures on young girls about what being a woman is or isn't, it can get overwhelming and even confusing. In this episode, we help ease the frustration by guiding your tween or teen on the keys to embracing her femininity.

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Mother Knows Best:

Why I Fight for School Choice

Are government schools really giving children the education they deserve? If you think the answer is “yes,” you haven't asked a parent with a child stuck in a bad school. Cecilia Iglesias, President of the Parent Union, knows first-hand that our education system is in deep trouble.

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Lauren McAfee:

The Struggles and Joys of Adoption

Speaker and writer Lauren McAfee vulnerably shares her experiences with infertility, adoption, and loss. Growing up in a Christian family—the same family that founded Hobby Lobby and the Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C.—instilled in her a faith that carried Lauren through the unexpected challenges of life, grief, and international adoption.