Stop Climate Misinformation

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Stop Climate Misinformation

Politically-driven environmentalists are peddling misinformation about climate change that actively undermines America's energy independence. Meanwhile, we’re becoming reliant on foreign sources of energy and funding adversaries like Russia, China, and Iran. Children are anxious and terrified about the future. People who need affordable and reliable energy are suffering all over the world. Take the pledge to stop climate misinformation and get the facts with a free PDF e-book of scripts from our “Climate Change and Energy” videos.

By signing this pledge, I promise to:

  • Stand up against climate misinformation and recognize how false narratives threaten our safety and our future. 

  • Spread awareness about the true cost of fossil fuels, wind and solar, nuclear power, and dependence on foreign sources of energy. 

  • Help others wake up to the dangers of restricting America’s energy production while funding foreign enemies like Russia, Iran, and China.  

  • Protect the children in my life from climate misinformation that instills fear and anxiety. 

  • Watch and share videos that teach the truth about clean, abundant, affordable sources of energy.

  • Support initiatives that are good for the environment, the economy, and all people on planet Earth. 

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Learn the Truth

Activists, politicians, and the media hide the truth about climate change, nuclear energy, wind and solar, and the cause of rising energy prices (Hint: it’s not the war in Ukraine!). Governments implement disastrous policies that increase energy costs and make the world less safe. We’re handcuffing ourselves and giving power to evil regimes because of a fake “climate crisis.”    

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Fake Climate Catastrophe = Real Energy Crisis 

These climate policies are causing inflation, keeping poor countries trapped in poverty, and strengthening foreign enemies. Meanwhile, hypocritical wealthy elites and Hollywood celebrities fly private jets to climate conferences and build multi-million dollar mansions on oceanfront property while screaming about melting ice caps and rising sea levels. They don’t care about people or the environment. They only care about furthering their agenda. 

Sign the Pledge to Stop Climate Misinformation