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Stop Big Tech Censorship!

Do YOU need to be told what’s true...and what’s not? 
What’s safe..and what’s dangerous?
Or would you like to make up your own mind?

Stand up to Big Tech Censorship by adding your name to the petition and sharing it with 10 of your friends:

Big Tech oligarchs like Google/YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok label anything they disagree with as “fake news.” Viewers are warned to “proceed with caution” when content deviates from the left’s authoritarian world view. Or Big Tech blocks it altogether! 

Government bureaucrats and politicians now openly call for Big Tech to increase censorship under the false promise of “safety.” This isn’t just happening in North Korea, China, or Iran—this is happening right now in the United States of America! 

Sign the petition to tell Big Tech to STOP deciding what you are allowed to see, hear, and say! Demand that:

  • Big Tech elites stop censoring facts that don’t support their agendas or viewpoints they simply disagree with!

  • Americans must be allowed to present information and express opinions without fear of being erased from the Internet

  • Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Information must be protected! 

The best ideas can only win if they are allowed to be expressed. Join thousands of concerned Americans who reject Big Tech’s role as “Arbiter of Truth.”