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The level of explicit bias and misinformation in the "Meet the Candidates" section of Scholastic’s Election 2020 website is neither fair nor factual. Our children deserve diversity of thought in classrooms. Therefore, we demand that Scholastic’s “Meet the Candidates” be taken down!

Dear Mr. Robinson, Chairman and CEO of Scholastic Inc.,

According to your core beliefs, for 100 years Scholastic has promoted “the fair discussion of all sides of the issues of our times — with deep respect for facts and logical thinking.” 

Scholastic’s “Meet the Candidates” section of its Election 2020 website does not live up to these standards. The bias, misinformation, and lack of evidence, is alarming and unacceptable. Here are just a few examples:

“He [Trump] has taken an aggressive stance against protesters who are calling for an end to racism in the U.S.” 

-Was Trump aggressive against peaceful demonstrations or violent riots and looters? 

“Many people see the president’s response to the protests as part of a pattern of racism. He has repeatedly made racist statements and at times shown support for people who promote white supremacy.” 

-Prominent black American scholars have presented proof this is inaccurate, including Larry Elder, Justice Clarence Thomas, Candace Owens, and Thomas Sowell. 

“Biden says he would work to protect and improve the Affordable Care Act (ACA), a 2010 law that helped millions of Americans get health insurance.” 

-Didn’t the ACA also cause millions of Americans to lose or pay more for their healthcare plans?

“From 2010 through early 2020, the U.S. economy experienced strong growth.” 

-How did this growth compare between President Obama and President Trump’s terms?

Scholastic cannot “...engage kids in the ideas that will help them relate to each other and create a better world” without diversity of thought in classrooms. Curriculum for grades 6-8 should be apolitical and promote a balanced exchange of ideas. We want better for our children. 

We sincerely hope that a company like Scholastic would never intend to use our children as a political tool. We ask you to correct this grave mistake and demand that Scholastic’s “Meet the Candidates” be removed from your election site.

Hundreds of thousands of our followers will continue to contact you via phone calls, emails, petitions, and media outreach until this matter is resolved.

Tell Scholastic to Stop Teaching Misinformation to Kids

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