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Americans have long recognized the value of women playing sports. Significant opportunities await talented athletes who work hard and rise to the top of their games. Since 1972, women’s sports have been protected by Title IX. 

These hard-fought protections are about to be lost forever due to radical leftist policies. 

Left-wing activists are forcing schools, universities, and other sports associations to allow biologically male athletes who identify as women to compete against biological women. In many sports, men are born with inherent athletic advantages—being stronger and faster than most women. It’s simply unfair to ask women to compete against biological men. No surgery can level the playing field for boys and girls in highly physical sports involving running, jumping, fighting, weightlifting, and more.  

Totally lacking in common sense and denying science, these policies threaten to erase the decades of progress women have made in sports. Championship titles, college scholarships, a chance to compete in the Olympics—and the simple sense of accomplishment—will be denied to many women. Thousands of hours of practice and years of sacrifice will be canceled as soon as women step foot on the same court or field as biological men. 

Women and girls deserve a fair chance to benefit from the opportunities sports offer.  It’s time to stand up for the rights of female athletes! By signing this petition, you:

  • Demand that women’s sports be protected by not allowing biological men to compete

  • Support a fair playing field for women and girls to have the chance for titles, scholarships, and other life-enriching opportunities 

Add your name to the petition to demand a fair playing field for female athletes