Protect Children’s Innocence

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Protect Children’s Innocence

PragerU is committed to fighting evil in all its forms, including the exploitation and sexualization of children. Sign the pledge to protect and preserve children’s innocence. 

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Change Starts with Awareness

Child exploitation and trafficking are affecting millions of children all over the world, in America, and even in our own communities. Educate yourself and learn what you can do to fight back. PragerU has put together a playlist of videos to educate, inform, and bring awareness about this issue to the masses.

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Our Children Are at Risk

Predators can easily find children online. Young people can be exploited, abused, and trafficked without ever leaving their bedrooms. Children are being targeted for exploitation and then groomed through early sexualization in entertainment, social media, and schools, even in your own neighborhood.

"People associate evil with darkness. But that is not accurate: It is easy to look into the dark; it is very hard to stare into bright light."

Dennis Prager, Founder of PragerU  

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Take Action

PragerU is committed to fighting evil. We are doing this by educating the public and putting on the forefront of everyone’s agenda the protection of children’s innocence. We invite parents, educators, and anybody who is willing to stand for this important cause to join us in taking a pledge to educate, to share, to get involved, and to protect our children. 

By signing this pledge, I promise to:

  • Educate myself and spread awareness about the evils of child sexualization and exploitation, even when the truth is difficult to look at.  

  • Get more involved in preserving childhood innocence by making sure the children in my life and my community are not exposed to early sexualization and grooming. 

  • Hold key stakeholders in my community accountable and not allow them to destroy children’s innocence.

  • Speak out against those who are allowing our children to be targeted, groomed, and harmed. 

  • Help preserve standards and boundaries, the role of the family, and children's innocence.