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Farah Jimenez

Farah Jimenez has worked as an executive director of non-profits for 20 years. She is a skilled public speaker and sought-after commentator on matters of race, civics, politics, urban issues, and poverty. Farah is also a former regular panelist on WPVI's Inside Story, a weekly public affairs show on 6ABC and Comcast Network's The Larry Kane Show, and a featured columnist in the Sunday edition of Philadelphia Inquirer's Currents Section. Her parents immigrated to the United States from Cuba as Castro rose to power in the 1960s, witnessing the empty promises of equality, free education and healthcare for all. She grew up in a New Jersey community where her mother became the first woman to own a medical practice, and saw that America is a place where immigrants and minorities like her can succeed and thrive.

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Farah Jimenez, Cuba

Farah Jimenez
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