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Are you a parent or an educator?

We've launched PragerU Resources for Educators & Parents (PREP) to give you the resources, support, and tools to teach your children about America’s blessings and limitless opportunities.

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Why Should You Join PREP?

Schools are replacing education with indoctrination

Our schools are teaching that America is not a land of plenty, but a nation of systemic oppression and inequality. Students learn half-truths or lies to make them feel ashamed of being American. PragerU Resources for Educators & Parents (PREP) is a community committed to teaching our youth about America’s blessings and limitless opportunities.

We are creating and curating resources

We are here to provide you with resources you can trust. PREP has original, pro-America kids shows for K-12th grade students. PragerU is committed to curating the best resources available for you and your students as well as creating cutting-edge educational material and programs that support your values. We support you with supplemental K-12th grade educational material through our growing collection of resources.

We are building a powerful community

The only way to defeat this ideological takeover of the education system is to bring together the millions of Americans who want to restore balance and diversity of thought in schools. We are building a powerful online community of pro-America parents and educators who can join forces and make a difference.

Get free access to PREP after you make a donation of $25 or more annually

Your free membership includes:

  • High quality, pro-America resources and educational content for students grades K-12

  • An online discussion forum for parents, grandparents, and educators supporting each other and sharing solutions

  • Live virtual events for you and your children to participate in

  • PragerU and partner content curated for you and your students

  • A quarterly newsletter with updates, resources, and activities 

  • Pre-written letters and action guides for parents of public and private school students  

  • PragerU digital magazines for kids 

  • PragerU videos for kids on American traditions

  • PragerU shows for kids with stories and crafts

Have a membership question we haven't answered? Check out the PREP FAQs for more info.

Join PREP Today!

If you want your children to share your values — and don’t want to do it alone — please join us as a member of the PREP community.

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