PragerU in Schools Petition

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Tell America You Want PragerU in Schools!

Students are failing. Test scores and grades continue to plummet nationwide. Why? America’s K-12 education system is often more concerned with pushing radical activism on students rather than teaching what needs to be taught. Facts, knowledge, and achievement are no longer a focus. No wonder our students are falling behind. Sign the petition to allow PragerU in schools!

Thousands of teachers and school board members have contacted PragerU. They are asking for quality resources to help educate students on topics such as civics, American history, and financial literacy. They tell us that much of the existing content on these topics is either laced with leftist politics or antiquated. They want to give students a sound (and fun) education to prepare them to make good decisions—and they know they can trust PragerU. As always, we are here to serve our great nation on the most important front:  THE EDUCATION OF OUR YOUTH. 

PragerU has been creating educational entertainment for all ages and serving families directly for over a decade. We have helped millions of families with videos, books, and magazines that teach what isn’t being taught in schools. More than 1,000,000 households have downloaded our free apps for phones, iPads, and TVs—and our audience is growing exponentially.

Now, we are partnering with state superintendents and education commissioners to bring PragerU into classrooms nationwide! Working closely with public, private, and charter schools, PragerU content is being packaged as turnkey lesson plans. From supplemental educational resources to activities and worksheets, we are offering a cutting-edge way to teach subjects ranging from civics and history to entrepreneurship and financial literacy. States are now recommending PragerU’s edu-taining, pro-America content to their teachers. And parents are loving it!

PragerU is trying to help America’s students—but the left (which has hijacked and controlled the education system, including teachers unions) is doing everything in its power to label us as “far right,” deplatform us, and keep PragerU out of schools. The left wants you to think that the reason students are failing is because bureaucrats need more money. The left wants you to believe that teachers unions are protecting kids and doing right by teachers. The left claims kids don’t need patriotic education. Instead, they are teaching Critical Race Theory, gender fluidity, and that math is racist. 

Please sign the petition to inform America that PragerU should not be censored in schools.

PragerU needs you to stand with us and push back against the lies told about our content. In an effort to give a voice to millions of Americans who want PragerU in schools, we launched this petition for teachers, parents, and the American people to show their overwhelming support to allow PragerU in classrooms nationwide. Please take one minute to show your support and sign the petition. Together, we can change the future of education in America.