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PragerFORCE Testimonials

Joining PragerFORCE changed these students' lives for the better. Here are their stories.

PragerFORCE Testimonial Domestic JaniceContreras THUMB v2

Janice Contreras is from California, the daughter of Mexican immigrants. While attending one of the most liberal universities in the country, her search for the truth eventually led her to PragerU.

PragerFORCE Testimonial International KidusAssefa THUMB v2

Kidus Assefa is an Ethiopian citizen studying in the US. He believes the values taught by PragerU are not just good for Americans, but for citizens all over the world!

PragerFORCE Testimonial Domestic TianaElisara THUMB v2

Tiana Elisara used to be a far-left atheist until she found a PragerU video that changed her life. Tiana is now a proud Christian and conservative thanks to PragerU.

PragerFORCE Testimonial International EthanLewis THUMB v2

Ethan Lewis is a student in New Zealand. Once he started watching PragerU videos he became motivated to speak out to his peers about the importance and fragility of freedom.

PragerFORCE Testimonial International GabrielXCharles THUMB v2

Gabriel Charles is a student in Singapore who felt alone in his conservative beliefs until he started watching Dennis Prager’s Fireside Chats and other PragerU videos.

PragerFORCE Testimonial International JoseUribe THUMB v2

Jose Uribe has witnessed how leftist groups terrorize his home country of Colombia. PragerU emboldened him to spread the values of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in his country.

PragerFORCE Testimonial International EmelieVinna THUMB v2

Emelie Dagerfall is a Swedish student who is passionate about educating people around the world about the dangers of socialized medicine.

PragerFORCE Testimonial International MariaJose THUMB v2

Maria Jose de Pierola Rosazza is a student in Peru who once rejected religion, but after watching PragerU videos became confident in her Christian beliefs.

PragerFORCE Testimonial International SebastianHeredia THUMB v2

Sebastian Cevallos is a student from Ecuador who has been on a crusade to spread truth and conservative values because of the impact PragerU and PragerFORCE have made on his life.

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