PragerFORCE Call-A-Thon

PragerFORCE Call-A-Thon


The PragerU community is pulling together like never before, providing encouragement and support to one another.

PragerFORCE, our nearly 10,000-member army of student ambassadors, is leading the charge to connect during this time of physical isolation. These bright, compassionate young people have volunteered to make phone calls to our senior viewers who may be home alone.

Would you like to receive a call from a PragerU student ambassador?

If you are a PragerU viewer over the age of 65 and you would like to receive an encouraging phone call from a PragerFORCE student, please click here to complete this form.

Please remember that this phone call is not only a special experience for you, it is also a formative opportunity for our students who are eager to connect with senior PragerU community members who have made PragerU possible.


If you are a student and are interested in joining PragerFORCE members in making phone calls over the next three weeks, please click here to complete this form.

It is important that our PragerU family — and America — becomes stronger, more resilient, and more supportive of each other. The values that we share have brought us through hard times and made us more united as a nation. They will do so again.

Reach out. Pick up the phone. We are here for you.

Together we will prevail.