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Ep. 188 — The Churches That Refused to Kneel

Dennis Prager

This week Dennis met with Rob McCoy, the Senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel Godspeak. His church was one of a handful of churches that opened their doors without any COVID restrictions, despite the threat of fines from the local government. Tune into this very moving episode.

Dennis Prager

Liberty and freedom are very rare in human history. The human instinct is not to yearn for liberty—humans yearn to be taken care of. Generally, by the government (socialism & communism).

America's founders knew that limited government and liberty are key to a free society—but we are now witnessing that as Americans become more secular, they value liberty much less.

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The column about liberty: Some Thoughts About Being Safe

The column about our polarized political climate: America’s Second Civil War

Dennis Prager

Despite what the left says, you can be Black and a conservative! Dennis Prager sits down with Derryck Green this week to discuss how his personal experiences shaped his political views and what it's like to be conservative in a black family.

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Dennis Prager

Cancel culture and "wokeness" dominate our culture. If you disagree with the mob, you can lose your career, opportunities, friends, and family—and the left never forgives. Dennis Prager sits down with some PragerFORCE students to answer questions on how to be bold in a world that forces groupthink.

Mentioned in this episode:

Dennis's speech at European Parliament

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Dennis Prager

Dennis Prager talks the challenges parents face in our modern world, Ayn Rand, cartoon characters and cereal in his latest Fireside Chat!

Dennis Prager

Join us for a brand new Fireside Chat with Dennis Prager! Topics include: At what point taxes become theft, France’s election, Overcoming unhappiness, Red flags in dating… …and more!

Dennis Prager

The education system is saturated in leftism—and not just in the U.S. Students worldwide who question leftist orthodoxy are often left feeling isolated. Dennis Prager speaks to several of those international students who have found a needed community in PragerFORCE. It was a joy to visit with these bright and compassionate students!

Dennis Prager

Dennis talks with Louder with Crowder's Steven Crowder on the latest Fireside Chat. Check it out!

Dennis Prager

With this week's Fireside Chat we hit episode 100, featuring the man who came up with the idea of PragerU - Allen Estrin. Tune in as Dennis and Allen reminisce over throwback stories, plus a surprising reveal from the day they met...

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Dennis Prager

Should you lie to your kids about Santa? And why not just say Happy Holidays? Is the commercialization of Christmas really that bad? Dennis Prager discusses all this and more in this special Christmas episode of Fireside Chat!

Dennis Prager

In his latest Fireside Chat, Dennis Prager explains why feminists are wrong on marriage and children, the epidemic of loneliness, new year's resolutions, and much more! Tune in.

Dennis Prager

A peek into the PragerU Summit! Dennis and special guest Michael Leven talk capitalism, PragerU, and running a business in this week's very special edition of the Fireside Chat.

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