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All About Immigration

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Illegal Immigration: It's About Power

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Illegal Immigration: It's About Power

Tucker Carlson

Historically, Democrats supported strong borders because they knew American workers could never compete with illegal immigrants. Now, they regularly support “open borders.” So why the drastic change? Tucker Carlson, host of Tucker Carlson Tonight, explains.

A Nation of Immigrants

Michelle Malkin

The media narrative today is that America has become “xenophobic” and is turning its back on new immigrants. But that narrative is sharply contradicted by the fact that the United States maintains the most generous immigration policies in the world. In this week’s new video, CRTV host and best-selling author Michelle Malkin explains how ill-conceived immigration policies threaten to destroy the American Dream for everyone.

Build the Wall

Charles Krauthammer

Can America solve its illegal immigration problem both justly and humanely? Yes, but it requires first building a border wall. Washington Post columnist and Pulitzer Prize-winning author Charles Krauthammer explains why.

America Wants Legal Immigrants

Reihan Salam

Is there a more economical way to deal with legal immigration? Is there a way to both protect American citizens and still "open our borders?" Reihan Salam offers an insightful solution.

A Fine Time to Become an American

Niall Ferguson

Renowned Oxford-trained historian Niall Ferguson recounts his recent experience of becoming an American citizen. His unique impressions are both moving and surprising — even to him.

Immigrants! Don't Vote for What You Fled

Gloria Alvarez

Many of America's legal and illegal immigrants fled nations that were ruined by corrupt politicians and failed government policies. But once here, they support the same things. Why? Gloria Alvarez, Project Director at the National Civic Movement of Guatemala, explains.

How Is Muslim Immigration to Sweden Working Out?

Ami Horowitz

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We've read and watched the news of Muslim immigration overwhelming Sweden. But how bad is it really? See this firsthand account from documentary filmmaker Ami Horowitz, who shows why increased Muslim immigration is leading to a spike in rapes and other violent crime.

Leftist Marchers Want Open Borders

Will Witt

The left is sincerely promoting the idea of "open borders." Will Witt attended the Families Belong Together: Freedom for Immigrants march in Downtown Los Angeles to find out who actually supports the policy, and why they support it. Check it out!

Should We Get Rid of ICE?

Will Witt

Thousands of illegal aliens stream across the border every week, yet the Left wants to get rid of I.C.E. Will Witt asks students at the University of Florida what they think about immigration enforcement.

Will Witt at the March for Open Borders

Will Witt

Will Witt attended the March for Open Borders in Los Angeles, where protestors marched for illegal immigration, open borders, and yes, even for communism. Yes, that's a real thing!

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