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NewsGuard: The political elite's tool for censorship

NewsGuard—one of the largest and most influential “fact-checkers” employed by Big Tech—is targeting PragerU. After labeling PragerU as misinformation, encouraging tech platforms to cancel us, damaging our reputation, and costing us hundreds of thousands—if not millions—of dollars, NewsGuard refuses to leave us alone.

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Who Is Behind NewsGuard?

NewsGuard is partnered with Big Tech companies (like Microsoft), Big Pharma (like the PR firm for Pfizer—the maker of the COVID vaccine), government agencies (like the Department of Defense), and even national teachers unions (like the American Federation of Teachers) “to combat disinformation, especially around COVID-19 and elections” according to the World Economic Forum. They want to control the narrative on any and every topic—from climate change, COVID-19 treatments and vaccines to elections, Planned Parenthood, and the WEF (to name just a few!).

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How NewsGuard Rates PragerU

NewsGuard censors media companies that refuse to comply with their approved narrative. Meanwhile, legacy media outlets like the New York Times and CNN get near-perfect “credibility” ratings. JW Player, the company that used to host PragerU’s videos on our own website, refuses to work with us. When we asked why, they said we had been blacklisted by NewsGuard and claimed our content was “misleading.” Suddenly, we had to devote considerable time and money to find a new video host.

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Read Our Email Exchange with NewsGuard

"I am writing today to bring your attention to an urgent matter that I assume is a mistake by NewsGuard. Sadly, this mistake is damaging PragerU's reputation and costing our nonprofit millions of dollars."

— Marissa Streit, PragerU CEO

"The chain of emails we've exchanged with you and your team has exposed your organization for what it is – an online media bully run by wealthy left-wing activists pushing their agenda."

— Marissa Streit, PragerU CEO

Now, NewsGuard threatens to continue labeling us as misinformation if we do not comply with their agenda. NewsGuard and its “partners” have all the money and all the power, but we’re not going to let them suppress free speech and conceal information from you.

It's time the American people knew the truth. We’re putting everything on the line to fight back and expose NewsGuard, but we need your help.