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What has happened to American schools and children’s entertainment? Woke agendas are infiltrating classrooms, culture, and social media. Is there anywhere that’s still safe for our children? Yes! It’s called PragerU Kids. With kids shows that teach classic American values, we offer content that parents trust and children love. PragerU Kids is the leading network with educational, entertaining, pro-American kids shows for every grade.

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Kurt F.

In a word, this is AWESOME. It reminds me of how lower school learning was decades ago. This is so refreshing and in need right now.

Sarah V.

An answer to prayer as I navigate through all the propaganda that the state is mandating be taught.

Anzia M.

The Around the World magazine does an amazing job of introducing a complicated issue in a clear and engaging way, plus it comes with such creative activities to get them thinking at the end too!

Group 7657

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