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Kids Shows

Our free and educational shows have something for every student grade K-12, emphasizing pro-American values that support family and freedom. The enriching historical and educational content of PragerU Kids shows makes meaningful entertainment for students a breeze.

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Otto's Tales Books

Enjoy books centered around pro-American holidays, patriotism, values, family, and more.

Today is MLK, Jr. Day
Today is Christmas
Today is Thanksgiving
Today is Veterans Day
The National Anthem & Pledge of Allegiance
Today is September 11th
Today is Columbus Day

Digital Magazines

Our digital magazines cover a wide range of topics from freedom of speech and energy, to historical and present-day biographies. Reading comprehension is tested with fun and engaging activities, coloring sheets, mazes, and crossword puzzles.

Bishoy Chooses Bravery
Cornelius Vanderbilt
James Monroe
Learning The Truth
The Virtue of Patriotism

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