In the News

In the News

The Southern Poverty Law Center's Smear Campaign Against PragerU 
— The Daily Signal

Facebook Censors Conservative PragerU...Again 
— Yahoo News

Why Is Facebook Censoring Posts and Videos from PragerU?
— The Federalist

Facebook Apologizes to Right-Wight Group PragerU after being Accused if Censoring its Videos

Facebook Apologizes for Blocking Prager University's Videos

Facebook Apologizes for 'Mistakenly' Removing Conservative Nonprofit Prager's Videos
— The Epoch Times

The Inside Story about Facebook's Censorship of PragerU
— PJ Media

Facebook 'Employee Error' Responsible for PragerU 99.9999% Drop in Reach
— Breitbart

Trump Slams Social Media Censorship As Big Tech Silences PragerU, Other Conservatives
— Townhall

Facebook Apologizes for Removing Conservative PragerU Videos

PragerU Video: Eye For An Eye
— Front Page Mag

The 2018 Ranking Of Free-Market Think Tanks Measured By Social Media Impact
— Forbes

Behind PragerU's fight against alleged Google censorship
— Fox News

How PragerU Is Winning The Right-Wing Culture War Without Donald Trump
— BuzzFeed

Churchill, the man who saved the Free World
— Conservative Woman

Conservative PragerU Says Twitter Censoring Its Ads
— Newsmax

Conservative Nonprofit PragerU Is Suing Google For Alleged Discrimination
— The Daily Caller

Watch the video YouTube ‘Restricted’: Everything You Need to Know About Planned Parenthood
— The Hayride

YouTube Restricts PragerU’s Planned Parenthood Video, Then Reverses Course
— Breitbart

Planned Parenthood's Annual Numbers Reveal It's Fueling 'Culture of Death': FRC Report
— The Christian Post

PragerU: Google still restricting our YouTube videos
— Fox News

Prager University Twitter Account Hacked
— Washington Examiner

YouTube: Keeping Americans in the Dark on Islam
— Front Page Magazine

Did Google Censor Alan Dershowitz Videos?
— Forward

Google Has An Actual Secret Speech Police
— The Daily Caller

YouTube accused of censoring Prager University videos
— Fox and Friends

A New Threat to Free Speech
— Philanthropy Roundtable

Google Sued Over Bias Claims Against Conservative Employees
— The Hollywood Reporter

5 Conservative Figures You NEED to be following in 2018
— Nation One News

As News Shifts Online, Senator Ted Cruz and Coalition Stand Up Against Internet Censorship
— The Stream

Tech giants censoring Christian and conservative speech online
— The Christian Daily

Google Censoring ISIS, Islam After NYC Terror Attack
— The Rebel

Religious broadcasters take aim at tech giants for ‘stifling’ conservative speech
— Religious News Service

NRB Shines Light on Online Censorship of Christian, Conservative Speech

Ted Cruz Remembers Microsoft’s Founders As “a Bunch of College Dropouts and Hippies”
— Washingtonian

Religious Broadcasters Gather in DC, Announce Response to Problem of Internet Censorship
—The Western Journal

Religion in the Crosshairs? Conservative Leaders Sound Alarm on Latest Attack
— CBN News

Day of Reckoning: FCC Chairman Ajit Pai Slams Silicon Valley for Censoring Conservatives
— Breitbart

Who’s Really Censoring the Web?
— City Journal

Dennis Prager Getting Ready to Slam Google Over Ban of Conservative Videos
— Western Journal

WATCH: Arab Muslim Explains What It’s Like to Serve in the Israeli Army
— Jewish Journal

Prager: Why socialism makes people selfish
— Uinta County Herald

YouTube Restricts Content Unfairly, Says Prager U
— JD Supra

UW students plan protest of conservative speaker
— The Boomerang

Prager vows U of Wyoming speech will go on despite protest
— Campus Reform

Miss Congeniality with a Gun
— The Flash Today

Conservatives must fight media’s censorship of pro-life content
— Hillsdale Collegian

Student leader works to shut down Dennis Prager’s talk on ‘why socialism makes people selfish’
— The College Fix

Conservative firebrand to visit UW
— Star Tribune

PragerU Files Lawsuit Against Youtube for Discriminating Against Conservative Videos
— The Rebel

Dennis Prager Talks Google, YouTube Lawsuits Over ‘Ideologically Driven Censorship’
— Glenn Beck Online

PragerU sues YouTube, Google for blacklisting its conservative educational videos
— The College Fix

PragerU Sues YouTube For Discriminating Against Conservative Videos
— The Federalist

Michael Barone: Google and Facebook run for censors-in-chief
— Washington Examiner

Meet the CEOs Who Decide What You See Online

PragerU Accuses Google of Censoring Conservative Videos
— Harvard Law School

YouTube Removes Parody Video Mocking Them, Reposts Following Backlash
— Breitbart

Are Google, YouTube above the law?
— One News Now

Here’s How PragerU Found out YouTube Was Censoring Its Conservative Videos
— Glenn Beck Online

Tech giants should not be trusted with free expression
— The Blade

Why Won't Google Comment on a Lawsuit Accusing YouTube of Censoring Conservatives?
— Hollywood Reporter

EXCLUSIVE: PragerU: We're Suing YouTube To Defend Free Speech — And We're Going To Win
— The Daily Wire

YouTube Sued For Censoring Free Speech
— USA Herald

Prager Sues Google, YouTube Over Censorship
— The New American

Google Responds to Lawsuit Accusing YouTube of Censoring Conservatives
— Billboard Magazine

Google Should Practice What It Preaches On Net Neutrality
— Investor's Business Daily

YouTube Accused of Discriminating Against Conservative Videos

PragerU Sues Google and YouTube over Censorship
— Christian Headlines

Conservative PragerU sues YouTube, Google over video censorship: ‘Somebody has to fight Goliath’
— The Blaze

PragerU Sues YouTube and Google over Alleged Censorship of Conservatives
— Breitbart

PragerU sues Google, YouTube for 'censoring' Conservative Videos
— The Hill

PragerU Sues Google and YouTube, Claims Unlawful Censorship and Discrimination
— Legal Insurrection

PragerU Sues YouTube in Free-Speech Case
— The Wall Street Journal

Conservatives Sue YouTube And Google For Supposed Censorship
— EconoTimes

PragerU Sues YouTube, Google for 'Intentional' Censorship of Conservative Speakers
— PJ Media

YouTube Sued for 'Political Gag' on Conservative Content
— World Net Daily

Bias Blindness Afflicts the Media
— Patriot Post

Google, YouTube Censor Conservative Videos, Suit Claims
— Law 360

PragerU Sues Google and YouTube for Censoring Videos
— Canada Free Press

PragerU sues YouTube, says it censors conservative videos
— Ars Technica

Conservative Organization PragerU Sues YouTube Over Alleged Censorship Of Conservative Voices
— Tube Filter

Tech news to know now
— Silicon Beat

PragerU accuses Google of censoring the educational site’s Conservative Content
— Washington Times

PragerU Sues Google And YouTube For Allegedly Censoring Dozens of Videos
— The Daily Caller

Who’s the Real Internet Censor: Comcast or Facebook?
— The Wall Street Journal

Questioning College Rape Epidemic Could Get You Fired
— Reason Magazine

Fordham RAs reduced to tears by PragerU video on campus rape
— Campus Reform

Report: Google to 'Police YouTube Like it Never Has Before'
— Breitbart

Conservatives and Moderates: It's time to stop giving to your Alma Mater
— Fox News

Why Is The Government So Bad At Healthcare By Fmr Rep. Bob McEwen
- Real Clear Politics

'No Gender Wage Gap': Christina Hoff Sommers for PragerU
- Daily Mail

Krauthammer Gives Prager U Commentary: Build The Wall
- Real Clear Politics

Two excellent Prager U Videos
- American Enterprise Institute

New Prager U video explains why the Democratic South became Republican
- Rebel Media

Dennis Prager and Glenn Beck take your questions on Facebook Live
- The Blaze

Yale Student Unsettled By Liberal ‘Politicization’ Of His English Classes
- The Daily Caller

MUST SEE VIDEO: The inconvenient truth about the Democratic Party
- Rebel Media

MUST SEE: Ben Shapiro on how the left justifies their violence by putting feelings over facts
- Rebel Media

Profs: Dems reviving 'false narrative' of GOP racism amid defeat
- Campus Reform

Rand Paul to Introduce Resolution Urging Withdrawal from Paris Climate Agreement
- The Libertarian Republic

Charles Krauthammer for Prager University on Immigration: ‘Build the Damn Barrier’
- Breitbart

JFK: Democrat or Republican
- Front Page Mag

WTF MSM!? You asked for it
- Conservative Review

PragerU Videos Receive 100 Million Views in 1st Quarter of 2017
— Daily Wire

Warning: This Article Is Educational
— Wall Street Journal

YouTube restricts access to Alan Dershowitz video
— Boston Globe

YouTube Removes PragerU Video of Pro-Israel Muslim Over 'Hate Speech'
— Breitbart

Sharp YouTube Videos Demolish Progressive Ideology, And The Left Isn't Happy
— The Daily Caller

YouTube Blocks Pro-Israel Muslim's Video as "Hate Speech"
— The Christian Post

YouTube Restricts PragerU Video of British Muslim Speaking About Anti-Semitism
— The Daily Signal

YouTube bans PragerU video of Muslim denouncing anti-Semitism and promoting peace
— TheBlaze

The Most Important Video About Israel Ever Made
— Israel Video Network

7 powerful New Year's resolutions for conservative college students
— The College Fix

Why you should say 'Merry Christmas'
— Ball State Daily

PragerU: Forbes lays out case for the flat tax
— Ed Morrissey

Dirty Jobs TV show host Mike Rowe tells millennials NOT to follow their passion
— The Daily Mail

YouTube Vs. PragerU
— National Review

Fighting for America National Broadcaster and Conservative Warrior Dennis Prager
— Risen Magazine

Watch: What Every Principal In America Should Tell Their Students
— RedState

Mike Rowe: 'Follow Your Passion' is Terrible Advice 
— The Federalist

America's Extreme Abortion Laws: The Supreme Court vs. the People
— CNS News

YouTube Under Fire After Labeling Conservative Radio Host's Videos 'Potentially Offensive'
— Mediaite

Petition Calls for End to YouTube Restricting PragerU Videos
— Newsmax

YouTube Censors Conservative Video Channel by Labeling it Restricted Adult Content
— Breitbart

YouTube Has Blacklisted Dozens of Educational Videos From Conservative PragerU
— Heat Street

65,000 petitioners demand YouTube unblock PragerU videos
— College Fix

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  Press Releases

PragerU Doubles Down on Censorship Lawsuit Vs. Google/YouTube in State Court of California
— January 8, 2019

BREAKING: Worse than Shadow Banning, Facebook Completely Censors PragerU Posts from Public View 
— August 17, 2018

PragerU Fires Back: Lawsuit vs. Google/YouTube Heads to 9th Circuit 
— April 14, 2018

PragerU Debunks Myth that Capitalism is Widening the Inequality Gap
— April 10, 2018

PragerU Defends the Rationality of the Bible
— April 2, 2018

PragerU Issues Statement Following Federal Court Ruling in Prager University V. Google/YouTube
— March 29, 2018

Blacks in Power Don't Empower Blacks
— March 26, 2018

A Day After the Oscars Ratings Sink to All-time Low, PragerU and Candace Owens Remind Celebrities that ‘No One Cares What You Think’
— March 6, 2018

Twitter Blocks PragerU From Promoting Posts on Social Network, Claims Unspecified ‘Violation of Policies’
— February 28, 2018

PragerU Exposes Planned Parenthood Deception
— February 23, 2018

On His 209th Birthday, PragerU Examines How Lincoln Changed the World in Just 2 Minutes
— February 12, 2018

Princeton Physics Professor & PragerU Discredit the Accuracy of Predictive Climate Models
— February 5, 2018

PragerU and Professor Jordan Peterson Take on the Postmodern Victim Culture: ‘Fixing the World Starts with Fixing Yourself’
— January 31st, 2018

‘I’m Gay...and Conservative’: PragerU Addresses Sexual Orientation and Political Values
— January 22, 2018

PragerU’s Top 5 Must Watch Videos on MLK Jr. Day
— January 15, 2018

PragerU Founder Dennis Prager Tackles the Biggest Question of them All:
‘Is There Life After Death?’

— January 10, 2018

Conservative Juggernaut PragerU’s Online Videos Eclipse 1 Billion Views; Taking Conservatives to Millennials, Online
— December 18, 2017

PragerU On Why Relying on Social Security Is a Terrible Financial Mistake
— December 13, 2017

PragerU and Dinesh D’Souza Unearth the Leftist Roots of Fascism
— December 5, 2017

PragerU Reveals the Single Most Important Human Trait that Leads to Happiness and Goodness
— November 22, 2017

PragerU Counters Revisionist History of Thanksgiving
— November 13, 2017

PragerU Reveals What Happens When You Disagree with Google
— November 9, 2017

Protesters at University of Wyoming Warn of ‘Another Milo Situation’ Ahead of Speech by Dennis Prager
— November 6, 2017

PragerU Exposes Modern Journalism
— November 6, 2017

Jim DeMint and PragerU: States Can Amend the Constitution Without Congress
— October 30, 2017

PragerU Shows How the Alt-Right Is Much Closer to the Left than the Right
— October 27, 2017

Prager University (PragerU) Takes Legal Action Against Google and YouTube for Discrimination
— October 24, 2017

Rachel Cruze, Daughter of Dave Ramsey, Urges Financial Literacy for Kids
— October 23, 2017

PragerU Exposes The Southern Poverty Law Center
— October 16, 2017

PragerU Takes On Revisionist New Deal History
— October 11, 2017

PragerU Discredits ‘Gender Sameness’
— October 3, 2017

PragerU Reveals The ‘Real’ Secret To Success
— September 29, 2017

PragerU Exposes The Anti-Israel BDS Movement
— September 26, 2017

PragerU Defends Western Civilization’s Unparalleled Success, Debunks Multiculturalism
— September 20, 2017

PragerU’s Newest Video ‘If You Live in Freedom, Thank the British Empire’ Demonstrates that American Ideals Came from the British Empire
— September 12, 2017

PragerU Explains Precisely Why Health Insurance Is So Complicated
— September 5, 2017

‘More Capitalism, More Growth,’ PragerU Defends the Unparalleled Success of Capitalism
— September 1, 2017

Boycott Backfire: Concert Sells Out After Leftists Protest Dennis Prager and the Santa Monica Symphony
— August 15, 2017

PragerU “Celebrates” One Year YouTube BANniverary; YouTube Is Restricting 10 Percent Of PragerU’s Entire Video Library
— July 24, 2017

PragerU Contributor, Antonia Okafor, Labeled a “Racist, Sexist and Misogynist” By Liberal Friends For Becoming a Republican
— July 13, 2017

In Her Support of School Choice, PragerU Contributor, Denisha Merriweather, says that Teachers Unions “Profit Off of Keeping Poor Black Kids in Warehouses [public schools].”
— July 10, 2017

Krauthammer, Prager, and Other Conservative Thought Leaders Converge at Second Annual PragerU Summit
— May 3, 2017

PragerU’s Campus Program Hits New Milestone
— April 25, 2017

PragerU Releases Second School Choice Video
— April 19, 2017

PragerU and Turning Point USA Join Forces for Campus Campaign
— April 14, 2017

PragerU Videos Receive Over 100 Million Views in 1st Quarter of 2017
— April 11, 2017

PragerU’s Instagram Following Grows 20% in 60 Days
— March 29, 2017

PragerU Participating in AIPAC and Co-Sponsoring Networking Event
— March 22, 2017

Youtube Censoring 21 PragerU Videos
— Oct 11, 2016

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