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Fund Your Favorite Short Documentary

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Big Tech is trying to take away Freedom of Speech. JP Sears, Amy Peikoff, and more speak from personal experience on why it’s time for young people to WAKE UP and fight one of the biggest threats to America.

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Not everyone has to go to college to succeed. This documentary, featuring Chloe Hudson, Mike Rowe, and others, will educate young people about the valuable benefits of a career in the trades.

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The left dominates K-12 education. PragerU’s Jill Simonian interviews experts, like Chris Rufo, to expose the revisionist history, critical race theory, and gender fluidity that is being taught in our schools and explains what we can do about it.

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PragerU's upcoming short documentaries will tell the truth about important issues such as Big Tech censorship, the great value of trade schools, the left’s politicization of K-12 education, and the importance of masculinity in our society.

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