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Sign the Petition Against Critical Race Theory

Tell the Department of Education you want extremist Critical Race Theory OUT of America’s schools! Critical Race Theory (CRT) is a radical ideology being mainstreamed in America’s education system. Join millions of concerned Americans who want CRT out of our schools by signing this letter to the Department of Education demanding immediate action.

Strength is in numbers. Please add your name to this letter demanding the Department of Education remove CRT from our schools!

Dear Department of Education, 

We, the Concerned Parents and Educators of America, demand that the extremist race-based Marxist ideology of Critical Race Theory (CRT) be immediately banned from America’s schools. 

We will not stand by while precious young minds are subjected to these divisive CRT concepts:

  • America was not founded on Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness—but on racism!

  • People are not individuals—but are instead part of “socially constructed” groups of oppressors and victims defined by traits like skin color!

  • America is not a land of opportunity and freedom—but is oppressive and systemically racist in every aspect of society!

Millions of Americans—including educators outraged to be forced to teach this regressive ideology—reject the entire flawed premise of CRT.

We believe that America’s youth should learn that:

  • America is a land of promise and plenty for all

  • Individuals should be judged solely by their character and actions

  • Our unique freedoms and limitless opportunities should be celebrated and treasured!

We, the Concerned Parents and Educators of America, demand that the Department of Education put an immediate nationwide moratorium on the dangerous CRT ideology being taught (without our consent!) to our children. America’s youth must not be used for adult’s political agendas.


Concerned Parents and Educators of America

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