Chief of Staff / Director of Administration

Chief of Staff Job Description

Prager University Foundation (PUF) is looking for a Chief of Staff/Director of Administration, reporting to the CEO. We’ve experienced a wonderful period of growth and are searching for a bright, seasoned individual who can come in on day one and support a busy CEO. The ideal candidate will have proven experience in executive-level advising and not just be able to execute on tasks big and small, but have the foresight to anticipate issues and resolve them before they occur.  This success of this role will be directly measured by the confidence entrusted upon this person by the CEO, and the role will focus heavily upon making the CEO more efficient with her time as her right-hand. You must have 7-10 years in a similar role to succeed.

Key Job Responsibilities:

  • Helping the CEO identify the areas where she must direct her focus, and identifying metrics for success. Revisiting regularly and evaluating progress.

  • This individual will have an eye and ability to successfully drive projects forward, identify the bottlenecks or issues, provide the CEO with information on the opposing views or challenges and propose resolutions that enable the project to proceed. 

  • Strategically managing a leader’s time: working with assistant, looking at long-term travel calendar, evaluating opportunities and determining fit with priorities. Be a whiz with logistics. 

  • Meeting preparation and follow up: reviewing upcoming meetings for the week to ensure the leader has all of the information needed to be as productive as possible, and sending out agendas or documents to meeting attendees as necessary. Following up when needed. Ensuring CEO is updated of any relevant changes to following day/meetings. 

  • Reviewing Internal and External Communications: drafting company newsletters, reports, pitch decks, speeches or presentations for the CEO.

  • Monitoring information flow: Sometimes acting as a gatekeeper, ensuring a CEO’s involvement in a project or decision-making process at the right moment. Bottom-line – know when to pull the CEO in, know when to not.

  • Supervise daily operations and help oversee projects of high importance – make sure CEO is always ‘prepped’ for following day.

  • Manage company calendar and ensure deadlines are being met.

  • Be a go-between for staff, executives and CEO.

  • Keep CEO abreast on current company climate (employee wellbeing, project statuses, new proposals etc.) – be ‘eyes and ears.’

  • Review, design, and execute on improvements to org structure, find knowledge and skills gaps and help address them.

  • Leading hiring processes: drafting & posting job descriptions, outlining an interview process, and screening candidates for roles.

  • Managing the meeting cadence for the board of directors and leadership team, ensuring materials are sent in advance, time is well spent, and objectives are achieved.

Required Experience:

  • Bachelor’s/Master’s degree

  • 7-10+ years in a business and / or executive-supporting role working at a high level

  • Be polished, excellent communicator in written and verbal form

  • Extremely versatile, dedicated to efficient productivity

  • Experience planning and leading strategic initiatives

  • Ability to maintain confidentiality and sensitivity in relation to information and documentation

  • Passion for PragerU's mission to further what we call "Americanism" and familiarity with the concepts espoused in our digital content


  • Commitment to excellence in all endeavors

  • Must be a self-starter who can prioritize tasks with limited supervision

  • Experience working effectively with a variety of personalities

  • Detail-oriented

  • Natural, confident leader with a focus on efficiency of self and others

  • Impeccable time-management and multi-tasking abilities

  • Business-minded

  • Proven experience in project coordination

  • Strong digital literacy, particularly in Mac iOS or Windows, Microsoft Office, Google and Adobe suites

To apply, please first review our website at and look over our materials. Then, submit a resume and cover letter including your understanding and appreciation of our content to Please only apply if you have 7-10+ years in a similar role!