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PragerU presents the most important ideas in free, five-minute videos

Our Vision

A world committed to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Our Mission

To promote what is true, what is excellent, and what is noble through digital media.

What We Do

We make exceptional video content that advances Judeo-Christian values.

We distribute that content through a sophisticated marketing strategy.

By reaching millions of people every day, we educate, influence and change minds.

PragerU has been a favorite in my followers feed for a while now. I know that whatever they put out my mind will be opened and I've learned so much from this channel. I've shown friends the videos and they've become so much more educated as well. Basically, PragerU is the most informative and educational channel on youtube and I'm thankful there are people providing the service that they do. Thank you PragerU, you're awesome.

-Tyler M.

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