Dear Celebrities: No One Cares What You Think

Mar 5, 2018

We adulate celebrities so much, it's no wonder they're under the impression that we care about their political opinions. The truth is, we don't. In this video, Candace Owens, Director of Urban Development for Turning Point USA, lets unaware celebs in on the reality: no one cares what they think.

We follow celebrities for their art, not their political beliefs—and when they abuse their platforms, fans eventually tune them out.

  • Celebrities have increasingly become more vocal about their support of political agendas, particularly on the Left. A recent example: Lady Gaga thought her political opinions were so important that she staged a protest of the US election outside of Trump Tower.View Source
  • Celebrities like Beyonce try to hide their leftist agenda by calling it an “empowerment campaign,” but discerning fans aren’t fooled.View Source
  • Many of the political statements celebrities make also end up being openly hypocritical. Several Hollywood celebs have accused Donald Trump of being a misogynist while tolerating Harvey Weinstein’s actions for decades.View Source
  • WATCH: “Dear Celebrities: NOBODY CARES WHAT YOU THINK!!!” – Candace OwensView Source

Celebrities complain about the state of America while having the wealth to avoid any problems average Americans face. 

  • Celebrities like Jay-Z and Colin Kaepernick, who make millions from mainstream America, are celebrated as “brave” for making political statements popular among their peers on the Left—like not standing up for the national anthem.View Source
  • Twenty-three celebrities said they’d leave America if Donald Trump was elected. How many did? None. About the same number of people would’ve cared if they actually left.View Source
  • Instead of seeing a chance to design a first lady’s wardrobe as an honor, designers like Marc Jacobs and Tom Ford have refused to design for Melania Trump because of politics.View Source
  • WATCH: “Kaepernick, Jay-Z, and Sharpton Are Frauds” – Candace OwensView Source

In recent years, celebrities have become more vocal in promoting the leftwing agenda. The result: They’re losing more conservative fans.

  • With the election of Donald Trump, many celebrities have dramatically ratcheted up their political commentary. It’s even hit the fashion industry. In 2016, Marc Jacobs openly refused to design Melania Trump’s dress.View Source
  • One of the more vocal of Trump’s critics, Eminem, declared in 2017 that he doesn’t want anyone who voted for Trump to follow him.View Source
  • Many celebrities even vowed to leave the country because of the results of the valid democratic election of Trump.View Source
  • WATCH: Candace Owens on “Harvey Weinstein, Eminem and why the left can’t stop Losing.”View Source

Celebrities have been deluded into believing everyone cares what they think about politics and culture—but end up alienating many fans.

  • A recent example of a celebrity diminishing his fanbase over politics: Rapper Eminem performed an anti-Trump rap for BET in fall of 2017 in which he publicly disavowed any of his fans who voted for him. He later complained that Trump failing to respond to his diss.View Source
  • In 2018, many celebrities gathered for an anti-Trump “people’s state” of the union, which just alienated more fans.View Source
  • The reality is, people follow Beyonce for her music, not for women’s marches.View Source
  • WATCH: “Dear Celebrities: NOBODY CARES WHAT YOU THINK!!!” – Candace OwensView Source

Dear Celebrities,

I’m sorry to be the one to have to break this to you, but we do not care—not in the slightest particle of an imaginary thing—what you think.

If this surprises you, I understand. Because, let’s be fair: We play an important role in your delusion. We camp out for days to buy tickets to your sold-out shows, then shout for you to reach down from the stage to touch our hands.

Faster than science would believe humanly possible, we learn the lyrics to your every song and master the choreography to your every dance move. We devour your movies, TV shows, and Netflix specials.

From that angle, I suppose it’s easy to believe that after all the adulation, all the fan mail and all the magazine covers, you may have actually come to believe that we care what you think.

But you’re wrong. Nobody cares what you think.


Well, maybe your mother and your therapist do. But we don’t—not even a little. Allow me to spell this one out for you.

I go to a Lady Gaga concert to hear her belt out tunes that remind me of my messy college days. But watching her desperate protest against the results of a free and fair election? Hardly an event I’d ever care to see again in my lifetime.

I follow Beyoncé because—let’s face it—nobody does a break-up anthem better. But can someone please tell me why I should care if she’s for Hillary… or for Garfield the Cat?

And here’s to you, Marc Jacobs—you design a killer pair of shoes. But as a political philosopher you leave a lot to be desired. In fact, it’s difficult to comprehend why you thought it necessary to publicly refuse to dress our first lady.

And to the scores of celebrities who threaten to move out of the country if we don’t vote your way—wow! Just how long on a private jet must one travel to reach that level of narcissism?

This may rock your glittery world, but we don’t care whether you stay in America or move to another country. Why would we care where you live?

On the one hand, we should find all of this amusing; but on the other, it’s actually deeply offensive: It’s offensive that you confuse our admiration for blind faith. When Eminem raps I have to either pick him or the president of the United States, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Which is why it’s important that I take this moment to offer each and every one of you celebs a free ride back down to Planet Earth.

What happens outside of your gated communities, chauffeured SUVs, and personal assistant’s iPhone is the real world. It’s the rest of us, working very hard to earn a living—working toward that weekend break, when we can perhaps afford to treat ourselves to your concerts, your movies, and your handbags.

You see, we want to enjoy what you do. Sing. Dance. Act. Design. It’s a wonderful gift you have. And it’s extremely valuable not only to you, but to us. Entertaining people—making them laugh, or cry—is something that you should take pride in. You enrich our world with your talent.

But when you go on a political rant on late night TV or call your fans racist and sexist—my God, these people are your fans!— just because they don’t think or vote the way you want them to, you cross a line. You lose touch with reality. You become just another shill for another politician.

And who wants to be a fan of that?

I’m Candace Owens for Prager University.

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