Why Dr. Lisa Cassileth Is a Vegan

Real Talk

Dr. Lisa Cassileth converted from keto to a plant-based diet after studying the health benefits of veganism. PragerU CEO Marissa Streit asks Dr. Cassileth about the advantages and challenges of a plant-based diet, as well as popular weight loss drugs. Make sure to watch previous episodes of Real Talk about nutrition featuring a food expert and a carnivore for additional perspectives on how we should be eating.

00:00 - Welcome to Real Talk

02:26 - What Led Dr. Cassileth to Veganism?

05:20 - Do Vegans Live Longer?

10:59 - What Is a Healthy Vegan Diet?

12:28 - Should Kids Practice Veganism

18:02 - Vegan vs. Meat

20:34 - Are Vegans Deficient in Certain Nutrients?

22:32 - Vegan Diet Has a Positive Impact on Your Energy

24:38 - Vitamin D and Omega for Vegans

27:20 - Is Soy Milk Better for You than Whole Milk?

29:42 - Vegan Products That Have Seed Oils

32:49 - Which Vegan Products Are Bad for You?

37:21 - Beans (Dr. Lisa’s Favorite)

37:56 - Weight Loss on the New Drugs

44:03 - Does a Thyroid Drug Cause Thyroid Cancer?

48:37 - Are Antidepressants the Best Treatment for Depression?

52:58 - Doctors and the American Healthcare System

54:48 - How to Help Your Kids Get over Depression?

55:52 - Are More People Taking Antidepressants Due to Fear?

58:44 - Should You Medicate Your Hyperactive Child?

01:00:56 - Dr. Lisa Gives Her Verdict on Various Foods

01:01:33 - Vegan Parents Might Have to Compromise with Kids

01:04:42 - Protein Shakes for Kids

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