Why Celebrity Trainer Vinnie Tortorich is a Carnivore

Celebrity trainer Vinnie Tortorich says that exercise is the worst way to lose weight. Vinnie beat leukemia by going against the traditional nutritional narrative. He tells PragerU CEO Marissa Streit that counting calories, miracle drugs, and fat free foods are not the best way to a healthy life. Find out why Vinnie swears by the carnivore diet and which “healthy” foods he thinks are most harmful. Don't miss other episodes of Real Talk with a food expert and a vegan for for additional perspectives on how we should be eating.

00:00 - Welcome to Real Talk

00:43 - Vinnie on Health, Nutrition, Fitness

06:57 - Fat Shaming

13:23 - Do Carbohydrates Cause Fat?

19:42 - The Problem of Sugar in Kids’ Food

21:41 - Is Sugar as Addictive as Cocaine?

26:11 - The Flawed Science of the Food Pyramid

33:00 - The Marketing behind Food Sells Lies

35:46 - Why Media Pushes Junk Food on Kids

40:21 - Confusing Foods for Kids

40:45 - Cereal, Oatmeal, Brown Rice, Quinoa, Seed Bread

42:12 - Is Salt Good for You?

42:47 -Which Fruits Should You Eat?

46:43 - Is beyond Meat a Good Alternative?

48:27 -Are Juices Just Sugar Water?

53:34 - Vitamins and Supplements

61:15 - What Is the Healthiest Drink Aside from Water?

62:50 - Is Whole Milk Healthier than Almond Milk?

64:40 - Which Protein Powders Are Best?

66:00 - Is Red Wine Healthy?

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