The Iran Nuclear Deal

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Is the nuclear agreement between the United States and Iran a good or bad deal? Would it be harder or easier for Iran to develop nuclear weapons? Would it make Iran and its terror proxies stronger or weaker? Should the U.S. Congress support or defeat the deal? Dennis Prager answers these questions and more.

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We say that evil is dark. But this metaphor is imprecise. Evil is actually intensely bright. So painfully bright that people look away from it. Many even deny its existence.

Why? Because once people acknowledge evil's existence, they know that they have to confront it. And most people prefer not to confront evil.

That is what led to World War II and the death of 55 million people. Many in the West denied the darkness of Nazism. They looked the other way when that evil could have been stopped, and then appeased it as it became stronger.

We are reliving 1938, the year that democratic Western nations assured a police state, the Nazi regime, that they would do nothing to prevent its expansion. That year, the British Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain, went to Munich to negotiate with Adolf Hitler. He left believing Hitler's promises of peace in exchange for Germany being allowed to annex large parts of Czechoslovakia. Upon returning to England, Chamberlain announced "Peace for our time."

The 2015 agreement between America, Europe, Russia, China and Iran mirrors 1938.

The Nazi regime was a police state. The Islamic Republic of Iran is a police state. The Nazis' greatest aim was to exterminate the Jews of Europe. Iran's greatest aim is to exterminate the Jewish state. The West dismissed Hitler as the Jews' problem. The West dismisses Iran as Israel's problem. Nazi Germany hated the West and its freedoms. The Islamic Republic of Iran hates the West and its freedoms. Germany sought to dominate Europe. Iran seeks to dominate the Middle East and the Muslim world.

And just as Britain and France appeased Nazi Germany, the same two countries along with the United States have chosen to appease Iran.

In fact, there is considerably less defense for the Iran agreement -- which awards Iran 150 billion dollars in currently frozen assets and the right to keep its nuclear program -- than there was for the Munich agreement. Prior to 1938, Hitler had not publicly proclaimed his aim to annihilate Europe's Jews. Yet, Iran has been proclaiming its intention to annihilate the Jewish state for decades. There were no massive "Death to America" demonstrations in Germany as there regularly are in Iran. In 1938, Germany had not been responsible for terror around the world as Iran is now. Nor was Germany responsible for the death of more than a thousand Americans as Iran has been -- in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Lebanon.

The Neville Chamberlains of 2015 defend the agreement with Iran on two grounds -- that the only alternative is war and that this agreement has the capacity to bring Iran into the "community of nations."

The war argument is a falsehood. For three reasons.

First, the alternative to this agreement was continuing and tightening the sanctions that were weakening the Iranian regime and greatly diminishing its ability to fund terror groups around the world. Second, because the agreement so strengthens Iran, it makes war far more likely. When evil, expansionist regimes get richer, they don't spend their wealth on building new hospitals. They expand. Third, Iran has been at war with America for decades.

And whoever believes that the agreement will bring Iran into the "community of nations" betrays a breath-taking ignorance of the Iranian regime.

The Iranian regime is composed of religious fanatics who are morally indistinguishable from ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram and all the other mass murdering Islamist movements.

The Iranian regime has executed more people than any country except China and killed more than 6,000 Iranians just for being homosexual. A woman in Iran is not allowed to leave the country without the permission of her husband.

The Iranian regime repeatedly calls for the extermination of Israel. No other country in the world is committed to annihilating another country.

Iran is already the world's greatest funder of terror organizations. Imagine what it will do with another 150 billion dollars. Imagine what it will do with the removal of the current weapons and missile embargo. Imagine what it will do with its intact nuclear infrastructure. This deal allows all three.

Very few people have a chance to do something about the greatest evil of their time. When it votes on this agreement the American Congress has that chance.

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