Combating the Sexualization of Our Children with Guest Jaco Booyens

In schools across America, lessons are being taught that put our kids in danger. It’s time for parents to take a hard look at what their kids are learning about in school. Jaco Booyens, renowned anti-sex trafficking activist, sits down with PragerU CEO Marissa Streit for an important conversation about the sexualization of children, its direct impact on sex crimes, and empowering parents to protect their children.

Learn more about the evils of exploitation and sexualization of children, speak out, and take the pledge to protect children’s innocence.

00:00 - Welcome to Real Talk

01:17 - Sexualizing School Curricula

03:16 - Schools and Pornography: Obscenity Exemption Statute (1970)

06:48 - When Parents Push Back

09:10 - Pornography and Young Minds

12:00 - Left-Wing Funding of School District Campaigns

15:45 - Normalizing Pornography and Society's Complicity

18:14 - Fighting Back

21:12 - The Duty of Parents

25:30 - A Prayer for Parents

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