Landon Starbuck

Landon Starbuck

Landon Starbuck is a national speaker, writer, and advocate countering human trafficking, specifically child trafficking and child exploitation. Landon is the Founder & President of Freedom Forever, a non-profit dedicated to protecting children from trafficking and exploitation and preserving freedom for all.

Landon left the music industry as a Billboard charting singer/songwriter after uncovering the exploitation within the entertainment industry. She continued making music as an independent artist and donated 100% of her sales to fight modern-day slavery. Now, she dedicates her life to advocacy; combatting the trafficking and exploitation of the most vulnerable. She inspires young women to find their true identity and power through purpose, not sexualization. Her heart for service, working with survivors, and prevention education led her to start her own non-profit where she brings to light many aspects of exploitation that are hidden.

In addition to running her non-profit, Landon serves on the board of Operation Lightshine, an anti-trafficking organization in Tennessee that works with law enforcement to rescue kids from trafficking and exploitation. She also serves on the Advisory Council for Lynn’s Warriors in New York, is a partner with The National Center On Sexual Exploitation, and is a member of The Coalition To End Sexual Exploitation.

In 2021, she directed the largest coalition mobilizing activists across the country in a rally and march at our southern border to expose the record level of human trafficking and exploitation occurring there. Tucker Carlson (FOX), Breitbart, OANN, and more covered the unprecedented demonstration Landon led at the border.

Outside of her advocacy work, Landon loves being a wife to her husband Robby, and mother to her 3 miracle children at her home in Franklin, Tennessee. Her first book Freedom Warrior was published in late 2022.