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What has happened to America’s classrooms? Our educational system no longer teaches cultural literacy, values, or honest history. Too many schools are trading academics for politics. PragerU Resources for Educators and Parents (PREP) is here to help. With parent action guides, instructional videos, and breaking alerts about what is happening in schools across the country, PREP is here to inform and guide pro-American parents and teachers on how to navigate education in America… and how to take action to correct it.

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Shari G.

“I am a 1st and 2nd grade teacher, and I could make use of these wonderful videos. Thank you so much for providing such a quality and accurate way to show American history to young people.”

Daniel C.

“I am a Grade 2 teacher. I use Otto's Tales videos once or twice a week. My students really enjoy them!”

Josette L.

As an educator, I used some of the downloadable quizzes, study guides, and case studies for my classes during the COVID shutdowns. I teach high school students and they enjoyed the videos and liked those included materials."

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Parents and teachers who love freedom and American values often have a hard time finding resources they can trust. PragerU has compiled a curated list of tools and resources you can trust to help you deliver pro-American education to your children.