Celebrate America with PragerU

Celebrate America with PragerU

At PragerU, we love America! Millions of patriots are using PragerU to learn about America’s unique history and values, celebrate its independence, and show off their patriotism with pride. Join us and tell the world that you’re proud to be an American.

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Pledge to Fly the Flag

Something as simple and non-controversial as flying the American flag on the 4th of July (or all year long) has become politicized and even vilified by the left. Fight back. Take the pledge to fly the flag and take pride in America.

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Get your FREE Proud to Be an American stickers

Help PragerU reach our goal of covering the country with symbols of patriotism. Get two FREE Proud to Be an American stickers to loudly and proudly display.

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U.S. Constitution Series

Watch PragerU’s 10-part 5-Minute Video series on America’s founding document. Featuring some of the country’s most renowned constitutional scholars, you'll learn how the Constitution has guided America for centuries.

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4th of July Declaration Ceremony

Modeled after the Jewish Passover Seder, PragerU’s 4th of July Declaration Ceremony reminds people of all ages what we celebrate on Independence Day. Watch the video and download instructions to host your own 4th of July Declaration Ceremony.

Patriotic Kids Content 

Craftory 4th of July Declaration Ceremony Thumbnail WEB (1)

Celebrate America's Independence Day with a fun and easy family activity that reminds us how our nation won its freedom!

PragerU PledgeAnthem frontcover FINAL

Teach young children the history and meaning of our "Star-Spangled Banner" and Pledge of Allegiance with this beautifully illustrated storybook. 

Kids Magazines AltThumbnail Presidents Vol 1

Biographical magazines for 3rd-5th graders about the U.S. presidents who shaped American history.

StreetSmarts Thumbnail TheDeclarationOfIndependence Web

Uncle Sam quizzes kids on the street to discover what they know about the Declaration of Independence.

Leo&Layla Thumbnails paulrevere (1)

Teach children about Paul Revere’s famous midnight ride and the American Revolution with this cartoon for elementary kids. 

TBH American Revolution 1 Thumbnail WEB

Fast, fun, and factual skits that teach tweens and teens about the American Revolution and the men who risked everything to make it happen.

How To Take Care of an American Flag Thumbnail WEB

Great tips for tweens and teens on how to treat the American flag with the respect it deserves.

GuessOrMess George-Washington WEB

Learning about the first U.S. president has never been this much fun with this wild and crazy game show based on PragerU Kids biographical magazine.

OT Summer-Songst Thumbnail WEB

Teach young children some of our favorite American songs that celebrate freedom, liberty, and equality under God.