Wake Up and Stay Informed

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What Has Happened to American Schools?

Radical, inappropriate ideas about gender, race, and anti-Americanism are infiltrating the classroom, even in your own neighborhood. Schools are failing families. Basic lessons in math, history, civics, and English are being replaced by victimhood, gender identity, and racial division. 

By signing this pledge, I promise to:

  • Educate myself about the inappropriate ideas that our children are being exposed to in school.  

  • Become part of the solution by staying informed, sharing information with others, and spreading awareness. 

  • Learn what to look out for when it comes to lessons about gender, race, anti-Americanism, and pleasure-based sex ed.  

  • Watch and share videos that teach the truth about parental rights, helpful resources, and how to escalate my concerns.

  • Speak to key stakeholders in my community that have a role in impacting curriculum in the classroom. 

  • Stay alert and help others wake up to the truth. 

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Wake Up and Stay Informed

Parents, we’ve been asleep for too long, turning a blind eye to what’s happening in our schools, asking ourselves, “How bad can it be?” Meanwhile, our children are being exposed to dangerous, harmful ideology. It doesn’t matter whether the teachers, school boards, or superintendents have good intentions or not. It’s time to wake up to the truth.

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Our Children Are at Risk

Children as young as kindergarten are being taught about sex, race, and gender in damaging ways—without our consent. The consequences are disastrous. You may have heard about the desperate father in Texas begging his ex-wife not to “chemically castrate” their 10-year-old son who identifies as a girl. How could this be happening?

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Change Starts with Awareness

Parents and educators across America know that something is wrong. Classrooms have become training grounds for activism. Our children deserve better. But what can we do? PragerU is committed to spreading the truth about what our children are being exposed to, how it’s affecting them, and how to stop it. We’ve put together a playlist of videos to educate, inform, and bring awareness about this issue to the masses. 

"No matter how much information accumulates about the perversion of education in American schools, parents continue to take risks with their children they would never take in any other sphere."

Dennis Prager, Founder of PragerU

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Take Action 

PragerU is dedicated to educating the public about what’s happening in America’s schools. We are committed to helping families have more choice in education—from holding schools accountable for lowering academic standards and teaching perverse curriculum to advocating for taxpayer dollars to follow the students, not fund failing institutions. We invite parents, educators, and anybody who is willing to stand for this important cause to join us in taking a pledge to stay informed, to share information, and to help others wake up to the truth. 

Sign the Pledge to Stay Informed