Why Are Energy Prices So Frickin’ High? with Chris Wright

We’re told the Earth is experiencing a climate crisis and that manmade emissions are to blame. Environmentalists want us to stop using fossil fuels, but could we function in our world without them? Would the cost be too much to bear? Chris Wright is the CEO of Liberty Energy and has dedicated his career to finding the most efficient energy sources. He sits with PragerU CEO Marissa Streit to have an honest conversation about climate change and fossil fuels.

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00:00 - Welcome to Real Talk

01:00 - Can We Trust Fossil Fuel Execs about Climate?

04:15 - Everyone Wants a Healthy Climate

07:11 - Are Humans to Blame for Climate Change?

10:31 - Modern Agriculture Can't Exist without Fossil Fuels

12:50 - Why Do Policy Makers Push Wind and Solar?

16:32 - Is It Possible to Have Only EVs in California?

18:14 - Bad Energy Policies Have Increased European Energy Prices

21:13 - The Link between the Ukraine War and Energy Prices

24:27 - Why Is There So Much Pushback against Nuclear Energy?

27:30 - It's Not Climate Change Denial to Say Fossil Fuels Are Essential

29:30 - Why Aren't We Seeing More Energy Innovation?

34:21 - Big Tech Companies Are Censoring Climate Change Debate

39:00 - Search for Alternative Perspectives about Climate

40:19 - 3 Million People a Year Die Because They Don't Have Fossil Fuels

42:27 - The ESG Scam

50:54 - Are American Oil and Gas Companies Being Squashed?

53:44 - Is Investing in Oil and Gas a Smart Move?

56:43 - Energy Access Is Green

57:20 - Recommendations for Continued Reading

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