Bernie Marcus's Impact on the Success of The Home Depot

Bernie Marcus is the American legend who co-founded The Home Depot and is one of America’s most generous philanthropists. For the past 5 years, Bernie has been a mentor to PragerU CEO Marissa Streit. During this conversation, Bernie shares his insights on the challenges and opportunities presented by the current business climate.

00:00 - Welcome to Real Talk

01:12 - The American Dream Is Alive and Well

07:06 - Growing Up in a Working Class Family

09:10 - Was Bernie Part of a Gang as a Kid?

11:28 - You Make the Best Out of the Worst

12:51 - Bernie’s Vision for Home Depot

16:45 - From Humble Beginnings to Major Growth

18:18 - “Ask Me, I’m an Owner”

19:09 - Life after Home Depot

19:26 - Surround Yourself with People Smarter than You

21:40 - 40 Years after Its Founding Home Depot’s Model Still Works

23:14 - Customer Service Makes the Difference

25:00 - Millions of People Have Benefitted from the Home Depot

26:41 - Failure Is Not Fatal

27:53 - If You Dwell You’re a Loser

29:28 - Are Young People Losing Pride in Their Work?

32:53 - Capitalism Is Not a Dirty Word

33:31 - Don’t Listen to Idiot Professors

34:48 - Bernie’s Best Advice to Young People

36:54 - Allow Adversity to Make You Stronger

37:15 - Bernie’s Philanthropic Efforts

46:50 - Thanks & Final Thoughts

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