How Legacy Media Lied and Misinformed Us for Decades with Ashley Rindsberg

The New York Times is often referred to as the “paper of record." The Times, however, has a history of publishing lies and misinformation on some of history's most important events, including the Holocaust, the Holodomor genocide, the existence of WMDs in Iraq, and most recently, COVID’s origins and the 1619 Project. Ashley Rindsberg, journalist and author of The Gray Lady Winked, sits with PragerU CEO Marissa Streit to discuss legacy media’s history of deception and the new emerging news media landscape.

00:00 - Welcome to Real Talk

02:05 - The Media’s Reliability Crisis

06:05 - The Sulzberger Family’s 120-Year Control over the NY Times

08:00 - The NY Times’ Shameful Reporting about the Holocaust

12:00 - Whitewashing the Holodomor Genocide

17:05 - Lies about Nuclear Bombs over Japan

21:00 - WMDs in Iraq

24:05 - The NY Times’ Fake “Homicidal Veteran” Narrative

26:30 - Biased Coverage of Israel

34:10 - The 1619 Project

36:40 - Embracing Critical Race Theory

41:00 - The Business of the New York Times

43:45 - Sucking Up to China

45:50 - The “Lab Leak Conspiracy”

55:20 - Where Can You Get Honest News?

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